Lantern Festival Celebration

Feb 3rd 2023 - The cold weather of minus 10 degrees did not stop everyone from participating in the Lantern Festival Celebration held by FLCA. About 150 friends attended the event. FLCA prepared many games, including Lantern Riddles, Drumming and Passing Flowers, I Do You Guess, Song Singing, Radish Squat, Taboo and so on. Everyone had a fun night!

FLCA was Honored "Outstanding Contribution and Community Service Awards" by Bergen County Clerk

Jan 31st 2023 - FLCA Board Members attended the Lunar New Year Celebration event at Bergen County Government's office. FLCA was honored with "Outstanding Contribution and Community Service Awards" for the year by Bergen County Clerk and received multiple certificates of recognition from various leaders of Bergen County! It could not have happened without strong support from our community members.




2023 “My Chinese New Year" Drawing Contest


Jan 20th 2023 - FLCA organized “My Chinese New Year Drawing Contest” from Dec 19th 2022 to Jan 13th 2023, as part of the Lunar New Year celebration. More than 20 contestants submitted their creative and festival art. The goal was not the contest itself, but for the children to shine and showcase their talents. 

On Jan 20th 2023 evening, awards were presented to contestants in person by FLCA Board Members. Everyone received a certificate of participation. One contestant from each age group was selected to win the Certificate of Excellence.  



1/15/2023 Lunar New Year Celebrations at American Dream

Jan 15th - FLCA partnered with CAFC to join the series of Lunar New Year celebrations at American Dream Mall, the largest indoor shopping and entertainment complex in NJ.

FLCA  arranged two performances: Spring Festival Overture by Fort Lee Mini Band formed by students from the middle school and various high schools; Sichuan Opera with face changing technique by Xiping Wei, a highly sought-after performance in China in which the performer switched multiple face masks abruptly, symbolizing different characteristics and roles in the play. Both performances were well received by the audience. 

In addition, FLCA set up two exhibit stations:

  1. Giving away Fu (good luck) door sign and paper cutout examples; explaining different styles of Chinese traditional clothing; 
  2. Dumpling making experience. Both adults and children tried making dumplings for the first time and had fun!

Collectively, there were a variety of performances and activities ranging from tea ceremony, calligraphy, traditional instruments, chorus, Huangmei opera, dancing, diabolo etc. The event attracted thousands of audience in the mall across three floors and was extremely popular.


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