Disaster Relief for victims in Turkey and Syria

Feb 10th - Feb 21st - After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria, FLCA launched a campaign to collect relief supplies for the victims on February 10. By February 12, our members delivered abundant relief supplies, including toiletries, hygiene products, bedding, clothing, hats, scarves, gloves, baby milk powder, diapers, sleeping bags, tents, etc. After the advance team confirmed that the designated collection site was open on that day/Sunday, FLCA delivered supplies right away. The staff on-site was so grateful and said “Xie Xie” to FLCA board members in Mandarin.


On February 17th, FLCA confirmed a new donation channel through Paterson Mayor’s Office: Subsequently, on February 19th, a joint collection event for disaster relief was held with One World Anchor, and the materials were delivered to Mayor Paterson on February 21st. Many thanks to our kind and generous members who sent love in the cold wind! Also thanks to all the student volunteers for their support!

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